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There is a winding

staircase of souls,

coming to this world

to know,

if life in its finite form

can teach to knowledge

that's old and worn.

Souls descend the stairs,

you see

and take their place in history,

to an assigned place in time,

and people, and custom

and culture, and kind.

And I saw you on

the stairs, I believe.

You smiled and even winked at me,

but then you proceeded

to cross the sea!

I let my assignment

then and henceforth be

to search for love,

explanations and peace.

But very lost and hurt and not free

my poems did begin to cease

to rhyme...


Smiles from the soul in youth

clouded under muck.

Constructed searching

a fruitless, hurting kind

year by aching year.

Lost enough, tired enough

to look for the staircase again

but never has accepting early


been part of my plan, part of

the plan.

So, into suspension.

Layers of cold

threw my heart

into suspension



I tripped into you

that one time,

you reset the rhythm

re-ignited the rhyme.

I swore I'd never

lift a pen

until my heart did

beat again.

Da-da, da-da.

Did beat again

in rhythm with a

soul that's kin.

So, spin a tale for me

my love.

Wrap me up in your web

my love.

Take me to your land

of mystery.

Hold me in your heart

and wait for me.

I'll ride with you and

breathe your air,

you'll take me to a

castle stair.

I think it fair

that I surmise

I'll hold your hand

and see your eyes.

And find with you

explanations and peace

and love and souls

in harmony.

And finally, respite from

the pain

but find instead

your embrace in the rain.

I woke from my sleep

to say it's true -

my heart does beat,

my heart does beat


for you.


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