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Is Blue a Mistake

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Can you tell me


my love,

the sun was chosen

to shine?

Could there have

been another star

to the light the world

in glows combined?

And why was blue

the color to choose

for rivers, and skies,

and lakes?

Some even say

blood is blue in

our veins, it's true,

but is blue a


We all have our thoughts

on how we got here.

Big Bang Theory and


A creative solution

or evolution

Don't know, but certainly care.

Not sure the idea

of a floating


reflects what I want to see

But my thoughts

do come to

intelligent design -

things were made

for what they should be.

Flowers don't know

why they're chosen

to bloom,

And women don't

know why we're

given the womb.

But we're each

made -

for more than

a phase -

to bring beauty and life

for always and always

So when you ask

why I've chosen


It's like asking, "Why the sun,

or the color blue?"

I'll concede there's

a bit of mystery

that surrounds our love

and the story of "we."

But I believe, with

all I am,

me loving you

is a

beautiful plan.

When we follow the

intelligent design,

we take the ordinary

and make it divine.

A sun, blue skies, and

the atmosphere -

the Universe orders it

that way, my dear.

All the time, and that's


That's why I'm yours,

That's why you're mine.


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