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My Poem for You

If this were my last time talking to you, I know

We’d get together and laugh all day.

You would tell me your tales and I’d tell you mine.

And we might reminisce about when this

Happened and that was said and…

“Child, Grandmama just don’t know.”

But mostly we would laugh.

We were good philosophers together.

Your greatest thoughts were always adorned with the beauty of truthfulness.

You may have known, but I don’t remember telling you

That my afternoons with you were the

Sweetest afternoons of my life.

I became wise sitting at your feet, experiencing

The color of your life, benefiting from the pain and

Struggle you climbed over and through.

And you may have known, but I don’t remember

Telling you that I always thought you just so


In awe of the ability you possessed to laugh and

Cry and set somebody straight and pray and just

Be quiet with your mind – all in one day.

I always thought you just so beautiful because

You were the most real person I had ever known.

And in my day-to-day routine I find myself

Repeating your words and carrying your strength;

Knowing that if you could walk through fire

Then so can I.

And if you came out alright,

Then so will I.

If this were my last time talking to you, I know

We’d get together and laugh all day. But how could there ever be an end to our conversations,

When you’re in my heart?

So we’ll just keep

Remembering that,

And laughing,

All day.


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