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What's Happening with Family Medicine: 2-Week Update

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

The build up to releasing Family Medicine was so intense (for me), that I can't believe launch day is already two weeks behind us!

So let's review! On October 8th, the Family Medicine book launch took place at 7 pm EST. A very big thanks to all who were able to attend! It was a success! I had so much fun reading from the novel, giving away prizes, answering questions, and making Mango Jalapeno Mojitos with Access Daily-featured Pia D. Days, Founder of Chocolate Tenders Mobile Bartending and Advanced Mixology (and my sweet Spelman sister).

During the launch party, we discussed my novel-writing inspiration, character development, and setting. I did my first ever public reading from the novel, sharing the prologue and an excerpt from chapter one.

Prizes included a South Florida architecture coffee table book, a free event planning consultation, gifts from Florida-based companies such as Na'scent Organics and Rifle Paper Company, and an authentic Cuban cookbook (The Cuban Table) by Miami-raised author and activist, Ana Sofia Pelaez.

It was also a great deal of fun to discuss the book cover design by the experienced and talented Robin Locke Monda.

With just a book blurb, synopsis, and explanation of a few prominent symbols and colors in the book, Robin was able to design this cover (which I absolutely adore).

It captures the surreality of the story with the psychological thriller themes and elements present in the novel. What she's done with the design, layering symbols from the story in varying levels of transparency, is exactly what I hoped to do with the words. It's a perfect fit.

So how's the story doing? Not bad so far! In it's first week, it ranked as high as #2 in the Amazon category "Black & African American Horror Fiction."

Family Medicine fits in the psychological horror category because it explores and exposes common psychological and emotional vulnerabilities and fears. It is not gory, but does create discomfort, which is by design.

It has also sold well over 100 copies, which is a strong start for a self-published novel! Currently, it is rated as a 5-star story!

To date, the book has been purchased in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and the United Kingdom! And maybe even more places!

One thing I'm enjoying since the launch is getting photos from

folks with the book! If you have a copy and want to be part of a photo collage, please send your photos to my author Facebook page, @natashajeneenthomasauthor.

What's Next for Family Medicine?

The writing, editing, and release of a novel is, apparently, just the beginning! I've learned so much on this journey and think Family Medicine is going to be teaching me for a long time to come.

Up next for the novel, though, is spreading the word and exploring the themes. Readers are beginning to feature Family Medicine as a book club selection. They are also interested in discussions with yours truly! So, while I'm working on spreading the word about the novel through social media, podcasts, book festivals, and library or book store events, I'll likely host a discussion or two to plunge deep into the minds of Family Medicine's cast of characters. Make sure you've purchased your copy here! You can only attend my book discussions if you have a verified purchase of the novel, or were part of my ARC Team. If you'd like to join a book discussion group, please message my author Facebook page, @natashajeneenthomasauthor.

Special thanks go out to all of the people listed here. If it had not been for you, Family Medicine may not have made it from a story in my head to a story in my hands.

Robert Louis Henry and Right Hand Publishing - book shepherd, proofreader, and interior layout designer. He's my overall book angel!!!

Robin Locke Monda - book cover design

Kellie Taylor of Taylor Street Designs - website design

Tammy McGarity - book cover photography

Sophia Dembling - copy editing

Advanced Review Copy (ARC) team - Gaby, Jeff, Judy, Lindsey, Kristal, Marvis, and Ryane

Thank you so much for supporting Family Medicine...and me! Keep following for more updates!


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