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Natasha Does Her First Book Club Discussion & Book Signing!

On November 12, 2021, I had the immense pleasure of visiting the Hostile Readers book club of Detroit, Michigan. It was my very first book discussion and signing!

The event was hosted by Ms. Phoebe Vanderburg of Palmer Woods Historic District, at the lovely Detroit Golf Club. This book club has been in existence for over twenty years and boasts very loyal members!

The discussion began with a brief synopsis of the novel. Members were asked to give their feedback on the story, and to ask some of their most burning questions. If you've read the book, I bet you can guess just which characters drew the most discussion!

Sample Book Discussion Questions:

Next, the ladies were asked the following questions that might help you with your book club on Family Medicine (hint, hint):

1. Which characters or relationships from Family Medicine were most intriguing to you? Why?

2. Describe several of the story's themes.

3. Who is the main villain of the story? Who is the hero? What characteristics put them in those respective roles?

4. What function do Therese's dreams have in the story?

5. What is the role of color in the story?

6. What psychological aspects of the book moved you most? Or confused you most?

7. Do you feel changed by the story in any way?

Once the discussion was complete, I sat at the table pictured here and signed copies of my book. A very cool experience, if I do say so myself. But what was even more cool was having the opportunity to speak to each of the ladies individually to hear how their personal stories intersected with those of the characters in Family Medicine.

Believe it or not, one of the most common questions I received that night was if the story was going to be adapted into a movie. Just the idea of that is exciting. Hey, you never know what might happen!

I absolutely loved my visit to the Hostile Readers of Detroit, Michigan! What an incredible first book club experience!!!

Would you be interested in having me visit YOUR book club? If so, just let me know! You can leave a message here through the CONTACT form. You can also email me your request at or message me through any of my social media sites! Hope to chat with you soon.


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